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Why Technopath

Interlaboratory Peer Program for Multichem QC

Register Today to access Peer data from laboratories sharing the same lot of Multichem quality controls.

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Why Technopath

Streamline Your QC Processes

Technopath was one of the first companies to develop a barcoded, third party immunochemistry QC that can be stored on board the instrument.

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Why Technopath

Technopath Range Explained

Discover how to increase laboratory efficiencies with Multichem® Third Party Quality Controls and IAMQC® software solutions.

Technopath's Multichem quality control material is loaded onto blood test analyser in Northwell Health Laboratory, New York
Technopath's Multichem quality control material is loaded onto blood test analyser in Northwell Health Laboratory, New York
Technopath is a great partner for us... Dwayne Allen Breining, MD - Director of Northwell Health Laboratories, USA

Listen to Northwell Health's account of their switch to Technopath QC solutions


Find out why major laboratories like Northwell Health are converting to Technopath QC solutions

Abbott Customer Bioplus Sedaix Laboratory on the benefits of changing to Technopath Quality Controls

Our Partners

In 2012, Technopath signed a global product development, supply and distribution agreement with Abbott Diagnostics Division.

"We get good CVs and it is easy to use: We can say the change was positive, even very positive."

Abbott Customer - Christophe Soler, Laboratory Technical Manager, Bioplus Seldaix Laboratory, Marseille, France.

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Multichem U urine Chemistry QC vial sits on a lab bench with Beckman Coulter analyzer in the background

Our Partners

In 2017, Technopath signed a global agreement with Beckman Coulter Diagnostics.

"Technopath’s highly efficient QC solution will help Beckman Coulter customers address the strong and growing demand for multi-constituent quality control products, and meets the requirements of lab accreditation."

John Blackwood - Senior Vice President of Products and Services at Beckman Coulter.

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Lab Technologist at Northwell health Labs

Our Partners

In 2017, Technopath established a full time presence in the USA through Technopath Clinical Diagnostics USA, a joint venture between Technopath Clinical Diagnostics and New York State’s largest health care provider Northwell Health

"This collaboration with Technopath is an excellent opportunity to bring a high quality product into the US market to help promote cost-effective operations of clinical laboratories."

Northwell Health - James Crawford, MD, PhD, Executive Director of Laboratory Services and Chair of Pathology, Northwell Health.