29 Apr 2022

A practical review of Quality Measurement Tools for the IVD laboratory

Technopath are proud to sponsor this free educational webinar, delivered by our very own Ger Kennedy and hosted by Select Science.

Presented By
Ger Kennedy, 

VP Informatics, Technopath Clinical Diagnostics

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Laboratories gain distinct reputation and market advantage in achieving accreditation to key standards including ISO15189, CAP, CLIA and local standards. In this webinar learn about the key processes of calibration, internal quality control, interlaboratory Peer, Linearity controls, and EQA/PT and the advanced QC data management systems capability supporting laboratories in deploying cost effective, efficient and reliable systems in the modern consolidated, automated core diagnostics laboratory, supporting Chemistry, Immunoassay and Serology disciplines.


Ger Kennedy joined Technopath in 2013, initially working in the IT department where he built up the company infrastructure and business systems to support the growth strategy. Ger took over responsibility for Technopath’s informatics programmes in 2017, working closely with the development team and support team to refresh the existing modules and work towards developing its next-generation software product IAMQC® Infinity. Prior to joining Technopath, Ger worked for an IT consultancy company working with different companies across industries such as food ingredients, pharmaceutical, state bodies, and the health service sector. In March 2022, Ger was promoted to VP of Clinical Diagnostics IT in LGC Clinical Diagnostics.

Who Should Attend:

  • Clinical, hospital, and reference laboratory stakeholders.
  • Laboratory directors, laboratory managers, quality managers.
  • Clinical laboratory scientists and technicians.