15 Jun 2023

Free Webinar - Quality Control in Medical Laboratories for Beginners

Originally presented on Thursday, 15 June 2023

LGC Clinical Diagnostics are proud to sponsor this educational webinar, delivered by Independent Consultant, Oswald Sonntag.

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"Quality control in laboratory medicine is a key element for reliable results and therefore patient safety.

This webinar will explain the basic steps on how to proceed with quality control procedures in the daily routine. We will learn when and how quality control material should be used. What is the outcome of the measurement of a quality control product and what needs to be done if results are outside the limits.

With same examples the challenges are described and solutions are offered.

The webinar is for beginners and will describe the quality control procedure in a simple and very basic way.

After the webinar you are able to perform and understand the basics of quality control in laboratory medicine."

  • This webinar is recommended for medical technicians or people within the industry who are at the beginning of their career in a medical laboratory.
  • Those who are looking to learn more about quality control in a medical laboratories will also find this webinar beneficial.
  • Recommended for Beginners.

Oswald Sonntag is an independent consultant in the field of laboratory medicine. Due to his long-term experiences with quality control management he is a well-known expert in this field. He was involved in the early days of setting the first steps of the famous RiliBÄK in Germany. His experience is broad as he worked both in university lab and in different diagnostic companies.

He published over 90 scientific peer reviewed papers and is author and co-authors of several books. Together with Mario Plebani he is co-editor of the book series on patient safety. He was also coauthored the CLSI EP 07 and 37 documents. Usually each year he presents at the AACC annual meeting different topic in laboratory medicine like: drug interferences, pre-analytical phase, interpretation of statistical data, quality control, reference intervals, sustainability, etc.