06 Jan 2016

Homerton University Hospital Customer Testimonial

Testimonial Abstract                                                                                          

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Homerton Multichem Testimonial.pdf

The use of independent third party internal quality control is now a major requirement of ISO 15189(2012). Laboratories in the UK headed by Tony Dedman have been using TechnopathCD Quality Control products since 2000 – a true third party control. Performance led to the subsequent implementation at other NHS laboratories. The Multichem™ range (TechnopathCD, 2015) is human based and mimics the performance of patient samples. Multichem™ also adheres to the integrated solutions trend witnessed throughout the automated chemistry platforms of today. Analyte range includes a full menu for both chemistry and immunoassay offering benefits with respect to cost, efficiency and performance.

The main driver for change was a mandate to consolidate and improve workflow efficiencies. Reduced physical cost coupled with a reduction in staff time proved significant. TechnopathCD allowed extended lot sequesters, reducing the frequency of target value establishment and associated costs. This paper will review storage and delivery schedules customized for the laboratory in addition to the superior technical support received from TechnopathCD.