19 Jul 2019

Technopath Clinical Diagnostics and NRL Australia Announce Their Strategic Partnership

Technopath Clinical Diagnostics and NRL Australia announce their strategic partnership for infectious disease quality control materials and educational services

The requirement for an internal QC program is an integral part of laboratory compliance based on International accreditation standards. This is simply stated but involves considerable thought and planning on the part of a laboratory. Regulations often provide plenty of general information on quality control, but may not always offer specific guidance regarding quality control, especially for infectious disease testing.

The partnership between Technopath and NRL combines Technopath’s new range of third party quality control materials for infectious disease, Multichem® ID, with NRL’s QConnect program. Technopath has further collaborated with NRL to provide an integrated cloud-based QC software program, utilizing the most advanced functionality available from Technopath’s IAMQC software and NRL’s EDCNet software specifically designed for monitoring serology results.

“Infectious disease testing relies on having qualities of repeatability, reproducibility, accuracy, precision, specificity and sensitivity built in. Quality control is a crucial element for assessing many of these components. We look forward to delivering our new portfolio of Multichem ID quality controls and IAMQC software in partnership with NRLs sophisticated QConnect program to our laboratory partners worldwide. This will now strengthen our ability to deliver a comprehensive QC solution globally,” said Malcolm Bell, CEO Technopath.

Furthermore, the new partnership between Technopath and NRL will allow both companies to focus on the enhancement of quality of testing for infectious diseases and to support collaborative scientific partners worldwide in the promotion of accurate diagnosis and management of human communicable diseases, including but not limited to HIV, Hepatitis, HTLV and TORCH infections.

NRL has consolidated 35 years of testing experience and knowledge into the QConnect program which supports laboratories testing for infectious diseases with meaningful analysis of QC. The partnership of Technopath and NRL strengthens the position of both companies in our shared mission to assist laboratories in the identification of unexpected variation in infectious disease testing and to identify and resolve the source of variation,” said Dr Philippa Hetzel, Director NRL.

For more information on our portfolio of Quality Controls supporting laboratory efficiencies in Infectious Disease testing please contact us at info@technopathcd.com or alternatively in the US at info@technopathusa.com

About Technopath

Technopath Clinical Diagnostics is a global leader in the development and manufacture of total quality control (QC) solutions for clinical laboratories. In 2008, we launched the In-Vitro Diagnostic industry’s first truly consolidated Immunochemistry quality control materials. Consolidating multiple tests into one QC product enables clinical laboratories to significantly improve the efficiency and cost effectiveness of QC processes. Our IAMQC® software platform automates the handling and management of QC data, while facilitating laboratory accreditation requirements. Today, our products are used by leading laboratories in over 120 countries. For more information on Technopath, visit www.technopathcd.com.

About NRL

NRL is a non-profit, scientific organisation based in Melbourne, Australia specialising in the maintenance and enhancement of quality of testing for infectious diseases. NRL supports collaborative scientific partners worldwide in the promotion of accurate diagnosis and management of human communicable diseases, including but not limited to blood-borne and sexually transmitted infections. NRL operates as a division of St Vincent’s Institute of Medical Research (SVI), whose mission is to carry out high-quality, biomedical research to improve the health of the community by prevention, detection or better treatment of common diseases. NRL’s mission is to promote the quality of tests and testing of infectious diseases globally.