30 Nov 2023

Watch Now: Progressing Towards Sustainable Practices in Clinical Laboratories

At this year’s National Clinical Laboratory Congress, Technopath, part of LGC Clinical Diagnostics was pleased to host a workshop, titled Progressing Towards Sustainable Practices in Clinical Laboratories.

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Moderated by Ignacio Arribas Gomez, Head of Clinical Biochemistry Service at the Ramón y Cajal Hospital in Madrid, the workshop proved to be huge success and reached maximum capacity, with over 100 people in attendance.

Ignacio was joined by a panel of industry expert speakers, including Independent Scientific Advisor, Oswald Sonntag, who’s presentation offered guidance on becoming a green laboratory without expending extra costs.

Oswald’s presentation was then followed by video presentation by Tomris Ozben, who is the President of the EFLM and President Elect of the IFCC.  Speaking from Turkey, Tomris talked about the importance of sustainability in a rapidly changing healthcare environment and expressed how we all need to take precautions to reduce our negative impact on the environment.

Blanca Fabre Estremera, who is a National Representative of Green Laboratories of the SEQC, (EFLM Task Force: Green and Sustainable Laboratories) and a Clinical Analysis Specialist at Hospital La Paz in Madrid continued the message of the importance of sustainability.  Blanca talked in detail about the guidance offered by the EFLM on becoming a green and sustainable clinical laboratory, which led nicely into the final presentation of the workshop.

Promoting consolidation and sustainability in the laboratory, Miriam Menacho Román, the Clinical Biochemistry Specialist at the Ramón y Cajal University Hospital in Madrid reflected on her own experience.  Miriam explained how by choosing a highly consolidated QC material, not only decreased their costs, but increased efficiency, while ultimately improving sustainability in her laboratory.

As Ignacio drew the workshop to a close, he concluded that integrating these practices is essential to mitigating their environmental impact and ensures long-term sustainability in and out of the laboratory.

Technopath and LGC Clinical Diagnostics would like to thank Ignacio and his panel of industry expert speakers for their contribution to this workshop, which was positively received my all.