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Multichem Third Party QC

Roche is partnering with Technopath Clinical Diagnostics in offering the Multichem range of internal quality controls (QC) and IAMQC software solutions.

This extended QC solution offers third party controls in barcoded primary tubes, driving efficiencies and reducing waste.

The consolidation that Technopath Multichem® controls offer enables clinical laboratories to significantly reduce handling requirements and reclaim storage space leading to a more streamlined quality control process.

Product Information
Multichem IA Plus for Elecsys® hCG Assays
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Multichem IA Plus for Elecsys® hCG Assays

Roche Elecsys® hCG assays are claimed analytes in Multichem IA Plus quality control. 

WATCH - How to prepare and store Technopath third party QC for Roche cobas®

WATCH - How to prepare and store Technopath third party QC for Roche cobas®

Technopath's Multichem third party QC reduces handling time and waste consumables. Watch to see how!

Product Catalogue
Product CatalogueProduct CatalogueProduct CatalogueProduct CatalogueProduct CatalogueProduct Catalogue

Product Catalogue

Technopath Independent Quality Controls for Roche cobas® systems. Browse products, analytes, and order information.

Technopath QC products validated for Roche systems
Product InformationProduct InformationProduct InformationProduct InformationProduct InformationProduct Information

Technopath QC products validated for Roche systems

Browse the product listing. The Technopath independent QC range is validated for Roche platforms presented in summary for a quick review of products, brief specifications, kit configurations, order details, and customer support. 


Complementary Products

Esoteric Independent Quality Controls for Roche cobas® systems - available to order directly from Technopath Clinical Diagnostics (all regions except UK and Ireland), or through your local Multichem® distributor (UK & Ireland only).

Enhance Laboratory Efficiencies
Explore EfficienciesExplore EfficienciesExplore EfficienciesExplore EfficienciesExplore EfficienciesExplore EfficienciesExplore Efficiencies

Enhance Laboratory Efficiencies

Learn more about the new customer value we are creating and the problems our customers are trying to solve.

QC consolidation provides increased efficiency and cost-effectiveness, accreditation guidelines are fulfilled, human-based matrices mimic patient performance and values target clinical decision points. 

Tool Kit

A set of resources to support those who are in the process of switching to, and those currently using Technopath's Multichem third party QC and IAMQC interlaboratory Peer review software.

Memo - Multichem Third Party Independent Quality Controls

Signed Memo from Technopath, stating Multichem Quality Controls are independent third party QC materials, meeting regulatory & accreditation requirements.

Simplifying the Switch to Multichem QC

Discover how to simplify the switch over from current QC provider to Multichem third party quality controls from Technopath.

Target Values and Ranges

Discover the meaning of target values and ranges with Multichem third party Quality Controls

Target Value Update process for Multichem Controls

The target values and ranges provided in the Multichem Control IFUs are produced from multiple replicates and are specific for a particular lot of control. These values are provided as guidelines, with the recommendation that each laboratory establishes its own target values and ranges.

Electronic IFUs

Electronic IFUs

Access electronic Multichem Instructions for Use (IFU) for Roche from Technopath's e-IFU website. 

Download e-IFUs

Technopath Brief Corporate Overview
About TechnopathAbout TechnopathAbout TechnopathAbout TechnopathAbout TechnopathAbout Technopath

Technopath Brief Corporate Overview

In 2008, Technopath Clinical Diagnostics launched the IVD industry's first truly consolidated Immunochemistry Quality Control (QC) materials. Our QC solutions are valued by over 13,000 laboratories in more than 120 countries. Share this briefing with the lab customer. 

IAMQC Software

Designed to complement and support Technopath’s Multichem third party QC, IAMQC Software provides the Laboratory with a range of QC software tools to analyse their QC results in real-time.

IAMQC Peer Comparison Brochure

Analyse processes between laboratories and peer groups with the same lot number, compare with simple reports and sophisticated troubleshooting tools, to help to drive accuracy and precision in laboratory performance.

IAMQC Infinity - Next Generation QC Software
IAMQC Infinity BrochureIAMQC Infinity BrochureIAMQC Infinity BrochureIAMQC Infinity BrochureIAMQC Infinity BrochureIAMQC Infinity Brochure

IAMQC Infinity - Next Generation QC Software

IAMQC Infinity is a powerful cloud-based software, designed to exactly meet your QC solution needs. Its feature-based interface allows the laboratory to build its custom solution and seamlessly add in further sophisticated features as and when needed.


Discover how laboratories have enhanced their QC process by adopting Multichem third party quality controls.

Centre Hospitalier de Béziers, France

Centre Hospitalier de Béziers, France, reviews Multichem third party quality controls on Roche cobas®

Northwell Health, New York

Discover how Northwell Health, a laboratory system in New York, found the process of switching their QC to Multichem third party QC. 

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Electronic IFUs

Instructions for Use (IFUs) for Multichem products distributed by Roche are available in electronic format (not included in kit packaging).

If you would like to request a printed version of an electronic IFU (eIFU), we invite you to contact us using your local free phone number provided in the link below. 

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Technical Library

Technopath's Technical Library provides access to package inserts such as Instructions for Use (IFUs), Data sheets, along with Material Safety Data Sheets (MSDS) and Customer Communications.

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Technopath’s IAMQC Peer is a cloud-based system, which facilitates laboratories testing the same lot number of control material to access valuable information from their colleagues through peer comparison.

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