I have a query about my QC product performance, how do I get support?

For queries related to product performance, please contact qcsupport@technopathcd.com

To help us address your query as quickly as possible it is very helpful if you can provide the following information as part of your query:

  • Which product you are using, e.g. Multichem IA Plus
  • Lot number and level(s) impacted
  • List of analytes impacted
  • Instrument type
  • Explanation of the problem
  • QC Data for impacted analytes for all levels run
  • Levey Jennings plots
  • Units of measurement
How do I access the Technopath package inserts, i.e Instructions for Use and Data Sheets?

Our technical library contains electronic versions of all package inserts, including our Instructions for Use, as well as the Data Sheets that contain the value assignment information. Our Knowledge Centre provides a convenient link to get access to the technical library. The package inserts are hosted behind a password protected portal. Please register to get instant access.

Can you provide some guidance on troubleshooting QC performance?

One of the best troubleshooting tools available is to participate in a peer comparison program like IAMQC Peer. Peer systems offer you a quick verification of product performance versus other users of the same lot of QC.

If you have identified that you are having a local issue that you are trying to troubleshoot, there are three crucial elements to consider related to the use of quality control materials;

1. Storage - check that the products have been stored as per the package inserts. It is very important that QC materials are stored at the appropriate temperature and that the storage temperature is maintained. Avoid freezers that have issues with temperature fluctuations.

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2. Handling - QC materials should be handled in accordance with the instructions for use. Off-label use can lead to issues with performance. The instructions for use are available in our technical library.

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3. Shipment receipt - QC materials that are stored frozen or in the fridge are shipped at the appropriate temperatures (i.e frozen products are shipped on dry ice). Make sure that the products are placed in storage immediately upon receipt at the appropriate temperatures. Please see the instructions for use or the product pages on our website for more information on the storage temperature for each product.

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Please contact us with any further queries at qcsupport@technopathcd.com.

Where can I find the Material Safety Data Sheets?

Please visit the Technical Library for access to the MSDS for each product. 

How do I download the XML configuration file for my instrument?

Technopath offers an online service to help laboratories streamline the configuration of new lot information on your instrument. Information on the XML configuration file is available in the Knowledge Centre and can be quickly accessed through our technical library.

In the package insert it mentions claimed and listed analytes; What is the difference?

Analytes that are classed as 'claimed analytes' have performance and stability claims. Analytes that are classed as 'listed analytes' do not have any performance and stability claims and are only listed as present in the product. Many users elect to run up their own values for analytes that are listed as present in the product. However, Technopath make no specific claims for listed analytes. Contact qcsupport@technopathcd.com for more information.

Which products can I use dropper tips with?

Dropper tips can be used for the following products:

  • Multichem AE
  • Multichem CSF
  • Multichem hsTn
  • Multichem IA Speciality
  • Multichem NB
  • Multichem P
  • Multichem S
  • Multichem S Plus
  • Multichem U

For more information, please contact qcsupport@technopathcd.com

How do I access the Technopath peer reports?

To access the peer reports for your quality control product you will need to register for IAMQC Peer. The Knowledge Centre provides convenient access to the Peer portal. For more information on our range of informatics solutions, please contact qcsoftware@technopathcd.com