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IAMQC interlaboratory Peer program for Multichem ID-COVID19 QC
Multichem Alinity, onboard barcoded quality controls for Abbott Alinity ci systems
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Multichem IA Speciality monitors the precision of Procalcitonin test for Sepsis

IAMQC® Peer Registration

IAMQC® software offers Six-Sigma, Levey- Jennings, Youden, Bias, Group Coordinator, Monthly Summary, Measurement of Uncertainty, Exceptions reports and Reagent Lot reports to give your laboratory the information it requires to monitor QC.

Register your laboratory today to submit QC data, generate these powerful reports and review interlaboratory peer data for Multichem QC products including ID-COVID19 QC.

Peer Reports

Technopath’s cloud-based system facilitates laboratories testing the same lot number of control material to access valuable information from their colleagues through peer comparison. NOTE: For users purchasing Multichem through Abbott Diagnostics (ADD), select the IAMQC® Peer button for Abbott users.

To register for IAMQC® please contact

Instructions For Use

A number of IFUs are available in electronic format only and are not included in kit packaging. If you would like to request a printed version of an electronic IFU (eIFU), we invite you to contact us using your local free phone number provided in the link below. 

Our technical library allows you to view and download all of the Technopath package inserts in electronic format. Each file can be printed and/or saved to your computer for later review. INSTRUCTIONS FOR USE (IFUs) and DATA SHEETS are available in PDF format for ease of use. Click on the link below to navigate directly to our technical library.

XML Configuration File

Technopath offers an online service to help laboratories streamline the configuration of new lot information on your instrument. Cut out the laborious task of manually entering your Multichem insert data into your instrument by completing these three simple steps:

  1. Locate the XML file for your specific Multichem product lot in our technical library
  2. Save it to CD/USB
  3. Upload it directly into your instrument

NOTE: XML configuration files are only available for Abbott instruments at this time.