26 Jul 2022

Internal Quality Control Past Present and Future Trends

A panel of industry experts discussed global QC practice and future trends and developments.

This event took place on Tuesday, July 26 | 7:00AM - 8:30AM Marriott Marquis, Grand Lakes Ballroom A, Chicago IL.

This is now available to watch on demand.


Sten Westgard is Director of Client Services and Technology for Westgard QC. He has edited and contributed to numerous books on quality, including Basic QC Practices, Basic Method ValidationBasic Quality Management SystemsSix Sigma QC Design and ControlSix Sigma Risk Analysis, CLIA Final RulesAssuring the Right Quality RightThe Poor Lab's Guide to the Regulations, and Nothing but the Truth about Quality.

Professor Khosrow Adeli is the Head Professor of Clinical Biochemistry at the Pediatric Laboratory Medicine. He is also the Senior Scientist of Molecular Medicine at the Research Institute for The Hospital for Sick Children at the University of Toronto.

James H. Nichols, Ph.D., DABCC, FAACC is a Professor of Pathology, Microbiology, and Immunology and the Medical Director of Clinical Chemistry and Point-of-Care Testing at Vanderbilt University School of Medicine.