Advanced Applications in Clinical Laboratory Quality Control

Challenge or refresh knowledge and understanding of advanced quality control practices with a self-instructional course, written by Sten Westgard and published by Technopath Clinical Diagnostics.

Cover of Technopath's self-instructional  QC Workbook

Format: Digital Document

Level of Instruction: Advanced

Number of P.A.C.E. Approved Contact Hours: 3

Learning Objectives:

  • Set appropriate QC design strategies (selecting appropriate QC product/levels, QC frequency, QC ranges, rules, etc.)
  • Select the right Westgard Rules or Westgard Sigma Rules for your tests
  • Assess your QC on a broader scale by calculating the Analytical Sigma-metric of your tests and how to apply to your analytes’ QC design

Technopath Clinical Diagnostics is approved as a provider of continuing education program in the clinical laboratory sciences by ASCLS P.A.C.E.® Program.

This advanced self-instructional course is approved for 3 contact hours.