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Discover why so many laboratories are converting to Technopath Multichem® IA Speciality Quality Controls (QC) to monitor the precision of laboratory testing procedures for new PCT assays.

Multichem IA Speciality QC for Procalcitonin Assay

Sepsis affects more than 49 million people worldwide each year and takes 11 million lives.1 It is also the most expensive condition treated in hospitals today. Procalcitonin (PCT) is widely regarded as a highly sensitive biomarker of severe inflammation and infection, offering a key tool to aid in the diagnosis of sepsis along with other tests and examinations.1 

Global leaders in clinical diagnostics are responding to the challenges of improved sepsis detection with innovative new PCT tests and quality controls.

Global leaders in clinical diagnostics are responding with the addition of this important PCT test to the menu of assays, to help physicians assess the risk of patients progressing to severe sepsis or septic shock. Equally as important is the use of a laboratory quality control that is designed to detect deficiencies in a laboratory’s internal analytical process prior to the release of patient results.

By choosing Multichem, our customers increase the efficiency of their laboratory, improve the quality of their patient care and reduce the cost of their quality control program.

Technopath is a global leader in the development of independent quality control materials with the extensive Multichem® family and comprehensive quality control IAMQC® software tools.

Our Multichem IA Speciality Quality Control provides tri-level utility and contains Procalcitonin and Calcitonin as well as offering significantly increased stability for BNP, PTH (Intact) and ACTH. This proprietary formulation mimics the performance of patient samples and targets key medical decision levels of PCT.

It is important to understand whether your QC controls closely mimic human samples and target PCT values at key medical decision points

The benefits this solution brings is improved QC performance and quality assurance.

It delivers unsurpassed performance and stability and is commutable across all platforms. Additional benefits include reduced operator handling hours and reduced QC storage and inventory management. Assayed target values are provided for a range of instrument platforms and waste output is significantly reduced.

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