IAMQC® Transfer

The most advanced connectivity solution available for laboratory instrumentation.

Automated data collection. Easy to Implement. Introducing IAMQC® Transfer in to your laboratory will drive efficiency through automation, whilst increasing quality by transitioning away from manual entry programs.


Product Description

IAMQC® Transfer is a connectivity device that can communicate with Laboratory Information Systems (LIS), Middleware and instrumentation. Through the use of our proprietary drivers and a single board computer device, IAMQC® Transfer processes and communicates data from your system to  our powerful IAMQC Infinity and Peer software. A plug-and-play set up, combined with over 200 available connectivity options ensure an un-matched level of flexibility – all within an incredibly small, seamless enclosure.

Automated data collection. Easy to Implement. Introducing IAMQC Transfer in to your laboratory will drive efficiency through automation, whilst increasing quality by transitioning away from manual entry programs. IAMQC® Transfer can function as a uni-directional interface to process QC files and data streams of all formats. However, in addition to receiving the results, IAMQC® Transfer can also work as a bi-directional interface, where it will communicate back to the instrument, LIS or middleware. To satisfy the requirements of laboratories of all sizes and configurations, Technopath Clinical Diagnostics introduces IAMQC® Transfer, a next-generation informatic solution.

More than just an interface to IAMQC® Software, IAMQC® Transfer is available to purchase as a stand-alone connectivity device for your software program. By providing a comprehensive solution that can work with multiple information systems, Technopath Clinical Diagnostics’ IAMQC® Transfer can automate your data collection process. 

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Instant Peer data comparison from multiple instruments and locations

Facilitates Standards approvals such as ISO 15189 requirements

Increases confidence in your laboratory performance prior to proficiency survey events

User-Friendly set up and navigation with easy to read reports and tables

Centralised data management to review and recognise process efficiency opportunities

Automatic data submission using our menu of interfacing options

Cloud based system for ease of implementation and management


Simple Set Up, recognising over 200 interface options automatically with minimum IT intervention required

Secure System reads only the QC information supplied by instrument and valid for transmission to the QC management system

Future Proof system interfaces with the secure IAMQC cloud based software to allow future upgrades to functionality

Automatic QC Data Upload to the QC management system increases accuracy, timlieness and integrity of record storage for audit purposes

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IAMQC Transfer


Providing the flexibility for an internet or intranet connection facilitates the customer in choosing their preference with regards to connectivity. The system can run locally behind the firewall, or alternatively, over the web should access be required outside of the local network.
Built-in real-time and semi-real-time interface solutions are available to capture data from all types of instruments, middleware systems and LIS across all departments. To date, we have developed over 200 types of drivers for data capturing purposes. IAMQC® Daily can also capture QC results from diagnostic instruments that are not interfaced to the DMS and from manual result entry programs on a daily basis. IAMQC® drivers include, but are not limited to the following list.

IAMQC Interface Drivers
Abbott ArchitectDatalinkRCM Beziers
Abbott CELL DYNEPIC LIS SDF 1.0Quadramed LIS
AVL OMNI 5Fletcher FloraRoche ELECSYS
Bayer AtlasHMS LISRoche HITACHI 747
Bayer CLINITEKHutt No 2 QCRoche Integra 4.1.ARC
Beckman AUIL ELECTRA 1000Roche Modular
Beckman DxCIL SynthesisRoche PSM
Beckman DXI ACCESS 2Immucor GalileoRT Communicator
Beckman RemisolLabDaq LISSchuylab LIS
Beckman SYNCHRON CX9McKesson LISSiemens ADVIA Centaur
Cerner LISMeditech LISSiemens CentraLink
Cerner Millennium LISMenariniSiemens Dimension 2.0
Citation LISMGC 240 Qualitative 1.0Siemens Immulite (DPC)
CLARIS LISMicroplateSiemens Novius LIS
Coag-A-Mate MTX IIMicroscanSOFT LIS
CPSI LISMysis LISStat Profile M
Dade Behring BN IINEMO MiddlewareSunquest 1
Dade DimensionNUCLEUSTOSOH A1c 2.2
Dairyland LISOmnilab AMSUF100
Data Innovations IMOrchard LISUriScan-S300
Dawning UCOrtho Vitros ECiViper

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Why Technopath

Technopath was the first company in the world to develop truly consolidated third party quality controls for hospital laboratories.

Through the benefits of test consolidated QC, Technopath’s Multichem® customers have increased their laboratory efficiencies and reduced the cost of their quality control program.

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Our Clients

The main driver for change was a mandate to consolidate and improve workflow efficiencies. Reduced physical cost, coupled with a reduction in staff time, proved significant.

Blackrock Clinic Dublin - Eoin O’Rourke, Head of Pathology, Blackrock Clinic Ltd., Blackrock, Co. Dublin, Ireland

In 2017, Technopath signed a global agreement with Beckman Coulter Diagnostics.

"Technopath’s highly efficient QC solution will help Beckman Coulter customers address the strong and growing demand for multi-constituent quality control products, and meets the requirements of lab accreditation."

John Blackwood - Senior Vice President of Products and Services at Beckman Coulter.

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