IAMQC® Software Solutions

Designed to complement and support Technopath’s Multichem Quality Control (QC) product range, IAMQC Software provides Laboratory Managers and Technologists with a range of QC software tools to analyse their QC results in real-time.

IAMQC Software products allow users to automate, centralise, standardise and improve QC processes in a laboratory setting. Our combination of modules satisfy the varying levels of QC requirements in individual laboratories and are easily tailored to meet different QC management expectations.

TECHNOPATH’s full suite of software products provide clinical laboratories with significant cost and time savings, whilst delivering higher confidence in analytical testing methods. Choose from Intranet and/or Internet based statistical quality control and quality assurance software products. IAMQC software products are practical, graphical, user-definable and easy to use. 

  • IAMQC Peer is an innovative, real-time, peer comparison software.
  • IAMQC Transfer is a connectivity device (available as a virtual or physical device) that can communicate with Laboratory Information Systems (LIS), middleware, and to automated instrumentation and point of care platforms.
  • IAMQC Proficiency testing is a cloud-based portal used for automated submission of PT data and full PT scheme management for PT providers.

IAMQC® Infinity Next Generation Solutions

IAMQC Infinity is powerful cloud-based software, designed to exactly meet your QC solution needs. The feature-based interface allows the laboratory to build their custom solution and then seamlessly add in further sophisticated features as and when needed.

IAMQC Infinity combines many features that can be easily tailored to meet different QC management expectations in one system, satisfying the varying levels of QC requirements in individual laboratories.

IAMQC Infinity provides:

  • The ability to build a custom QC solution
  • Clinical laboratories with significant cost and time savings, whilst delivering higher confidence in analytical testing methods
  • IAMQC Infinity is powerful cloud-based software, which is feature-rich, responding to your custom QC solution needs

IAMQC® Software Products Help: 


  • Spend less time on false positive QC flags
  • Concentrate on tests that require their attention
  • Spend less time trouble-shooting QC
  • Know how to react when the mean shifts
  • Assess the acceptability of new reagent lots and calibration events
  • Solve QC problems


  • Choose QC rules to maximise true rejects and minimise false rejects
  • Quickly see the tests that require their attention
  • Skim graphics to quickly review current or historical data by lab, department, instrument or test
  • Monitor performance in groups of laboratories
  • Review problem tests and QA activities in local and remote labs


  • Save money
  • Improve quality
  • Improve service
  • Review Administrative Summary Reports to ensure quality performance

IAMQC® Custom Solutions

With pressures increasing on the laboratory to turn around fast, accurate patient results, at Technopath we know that a high quality service offering is critical to success with any product entering the laboratory. Our focus is to deliver high quality service, as well as advanced technology solutions to facilitate the entire quality control process from end to end. 

Our expertise and informatics solutions enable Technopath to offer a one of a kind total QC solution.

Contact us today for more information our our custom solutions.

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