Technopath Clinical Diagnostics

For TECHNOPATH CLINICAL DIAGNOSTICS including Quality Control Material, IAMQC QC Software and IVD Raw Materials and Proficiency Sera manufactured by Technopath Clinical Diagnostics.

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Technopath Distribution Limited

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IVD Raw Materials

High quality “off-the-shelf” and custom IVD raw materials

Technopath Clinical Diagnostics manufacture and supply high quality IVD materials to a global marketplace. We have developed our own proprietary processing techniques to satisfy the raw material requirements of the IVD industry. We provide a number of IVD raw materials made to our own “off-the-shelf” specification, however here at Technopath we also offer the added value of developing and manufacturing raw materials that are fully customised to ensure we provide our customers with the best solution possible.

Our primary objective is to provide our customers with IVD raw materials of the highest quality, tailored to their requirements, when they need them, delivered anywhere in the world.

Our IVD raw material products are typically used in the following areas:

  • Research and Development
  • Manufacture of diagnostic reagents, calibrators and controls
  • Proficiency testing samples

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Normal Human Serum ›

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