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Off-clot serum

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Product name: Off-clot serum
Part number: SOC-0001
Source: Source human plasma
Form: Frozen liquid
Anti-coagulant: None
Typical Protein concentration: 55 g/L
Preservative: Optional
Storage: -20°C or colder
Re-certification interval: 3 years
Shipping conditions: Dry-ice
  • Product can be manufactured to custom specifications providing you with the solution you need and aliquotted into bulk containers for ease of use and ease of storage
  • Single units and pooled options available
  • Plasma sourced and allowed to clot naturally without being treated with anti-coagulant
  • Manufactured from plasma recovered from units of whole blood
  • Custom aliquot volumes on request
  • Preservatives added on request
  • “Tailored” specifications can be developed in conjunction with the customer to provide a customised solution to match specific requirements
  • Material manufactured to off-the-shelf specification
  • Certificate of Analysis available
  • MSDS – available on request
  • In-vitro diagnostics: controls, calibrators, reagents, standards
  • Research and development
  • Not suitable for use in the manufacture of injectable products

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