Imagine if you could bring a waste treatment solution with environmental benefits, and with economic and reputational benefits too.  

Introducing the ENVETEC 200 Series … the new, safe, EPA-approved technology for the on-site treatment of lab-generated Regulated Medical Waste



Product Description

ENVETEC Technology tackles Healthcare’s greatest environmental challenge!

The traditional treatment and disposal solutions for Regulated Medical Waste (RMW) have become unacceptable in most countries around the world because of the enormous environmental risks associated with low-temperature incineration and the ever-dwindling number of suitable landfill opportunities. In a world where water has become such a precious and often controversial resource, autoclaves are viewed as an environmentally inferior treatment choice, because of their need for large volumes of clean fresh water for cooling.   

Regulations surrounding the haulage of untreated RMW on public roads and other transportation networks are also becoming more stringent, in line with a growing public awareness of the risks to human health, and the inefficient carbon usage associated with the long-distance carriage of infectious waste.

The ENVETEC 200 Series technology allows RMW to be safely treated on-site, close to the point where waste is generated, with benefits to waste generators, the community and the natural environment!

The ENVETEC technology combines the effective and complete destruction of hazardous waste with a unique disinfection process, conducted entirely at ambient temperature. ENVETEC’s patented systems are designed and engineered to be safe, quiet, cost efficient and simple to operate.




A process that is kind to the environment - Treat waste where it is generated, quickly and safely

Delivers a cost reduction 40-50% for the treatment and disposal for red bag waste

Avoids the storage and costly road-hauling of infectious red bag waste for disposal by a third party!


Secure, quiet and robust technology - NO emissions, NO more spillages of infectious waste on public roads  

Optimised for the needs of the modern pathology laboratory

Reduced operator handling hours

Vastly Reduced waste output

ENVETEC’s patented systems are designed and engineered to be safe, quiet, cost efficient and simple to operate.


Treat waste where it is generated, quickly and safely – a cornerstone principle of best waste management practice

Delivers a quantum leap in the destruction and disposal of biohazardous waste as part of your infection control management regime!

on-site treatment means that space normally used for the storage of red bag waste can be liberated for other, more productive uses  

Simplifies materials handling requirements and cuts out the need for external transport

Keep control over your own waste streams – say ’goodbye’ to rogue haulers illicitly dumping waste into our precious environment!

Technology ensures full compliance with ALL Federal, State and Municipal regulations

Aerospace-grade engineering delivers highest flight-reliability standards … partnering with recognised technology leaders such as Siemens; Danfoss, and many others

A unique disinfection process, conducted entirely at ambient temperature combines with the effective and complete destruction of hazardous waste.

ENVETEC 200 SERIES Operators Manual

Envetec 200 Series HMI

ENVETEC 200 SERIES Operators Manual

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Technical Library

Specification Sheet

Envetec 200 Series Spec TEMP

Specification Sheet

Access the summary Specification Sheet for the Envetec 200 Series here

Envetec 200 Series Specification

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Why Technopath

Technopath was the first company in the world to develop truly consolidated third party quality controls for hospital laboratories.

Through the benefits of test consolidated QC, Technopath’s Multichem® customers have increased their laboratory efficiencies and reduced the cost of their quality control program.

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The main driver for change was a mandate to consolidate and improve workflow efficiencies. Reduced physical cost, coupled with a reduction in staff time, proved significant.

Blackrock Clinic Dublin - Eoin O’Rourke, Head of Pathology, Blackrock Clinic Ltd., Blackrock, Co. Dublin, Ireland

In 2017, Technopath signed a global agreement with Beckman Coulter Diagnostics.

"Technopath’s highly efficient QC solution will help Beckman Coulter customers address the strong and growing demand for multi-constituent quality control products, and meets the requirements of lab accreditation."

John Blackwood - Senior Vice President of Products and Services at Beckman Coulter.

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