Technopath Clinical Diagnostics

For TECHNOPATH CLINICAL DIAGNOSTICS including Quality Control Material, IAMQC QC Software and IVD Raw Materials and Proficiency Sera manufactured by Technopath Clinical Diagnostics.

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Technopath Distribution Limited

For TECHNOPATH DISTRIBUTION LIMITED and details of all Biotechnology Products and Healthcare Products, distributed and serviced across the UK and Ireland by Technopath Distribution

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Proficiency Sera

Proficiency Sera Schemes - Material and Software – a complete solution for scheme providers

Participating in External Quality Assurance (EQA) Schemes has become essential for all accredited clinical laboratories as part of their overall quality control process. EQA measures a laboratory's accuracy using standardised samples that are analysed on the laboratory’s equipment as if they were patient samples on a scheduled blinded basis. Test results reports are returned to the scheme organiser for statistical analysis. Laboratories receive a comprehensive statistical report comparing their individual performance against other participants in the programme.

Technopath Clinical Diagnostics provides scheme organisers with all their requirements for standardised samples and the software tools necessary to efficiently manage their scheme.

Features and Benefits

  • Custom manufacture of test samples to your exact requirements under a recognised quality system
  • A wide variety of analytes available across several materials
  • Varying concentrations of medical interest for each analyte provided
  • Materials that are tested for specific infectious diseases
  • Complete software solution to collect, analyse and compare results
    • Cloud based real time database of all results
    • Powerful reporting and custom options available
    • Automate scheme processes to improve efficiency

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