A Total QC Solution

Technopath’s total quality control solution, Multichem® QC and IAMQC® software, provides clinical laboratories with significant cost, handling and time savings, whilst delivering higher confidence in analytical testing methods.

With an extensive list of analytes included in the Multichem range of quality control products, choice and flexibility are guaranteed for all customers. The third party quality control products include General Clinical Chemistry, Immunoproteins, Immunoassay, Cardiac, Urine Chemistry, Infectious Disease, Diabetes and other Esoteric controls. The controls are offered in assayed and unassayed formats, with each product specification listed on the individual product pages.

Technopath Clinical Diagnostics human based control matrix offers unrivalled test consolidation through increased control stability and diminished matrix effects. Together, these aspects of control manufacture offer greater control efficiencies without compromising compliance or confidence in patient results.

Designed to complement and support Technopath Clinical Diagnostics Multichem® Quality Control (QC) product range, IAMQC Software provides Laboratory Managers and Technologists with a range of QC software tools to analyse their QC results in real-time.

IAMQC Software tools allow users to automate, centralise, standardise and improve QC processes in a laboratory setting. A combination of modules satisfy the varying levels of QC requirements in individual laboratories and are easily tailored to meet different QC management expectations.

TECHNOPATH’s full suite of software products provide clinical laboratories with significant cost and time savings, whilst delivering higher confidence in analytical testing methods. IAMQC software products are practical, graphical, and easy to use. 

  • IAMQC Infinity is a powerful cloud based software, designed to meet your Daily QC solution needs.
  • IAMQC Peer is an innovative, real-time, peer comparison software.
  • IAMQC Transfer is a connectivity device (available as a virtual or physical device) that can communicate with Laboratory Information Systems (LIS), middleware, and to automated instrumentation and point of care platforms.

IAMQC Infinity is powerful cloud-based software, designed to exactly meet your QC solution needs. The user-friendly interface allows the laboratory to apply sophisticated features as required by the laboratory Quality Goals.

IAMQC Infinity provides Clinical laboratories with significant cost and time savings, whilst delivering higher confidence in analytical testing methods.

We also offer connectivity solutions for automation of data collection, as well as a bespoke external quality assurance software package. Go to the IAMQC Solutions Overview for a more in-depth review.


Technopath Clinical Diagnostics Multichem® controls provide an unmatched level of IA and CC controls consolidation, to drive lab productivity. The Technopath QC solution allows you to unlock QC process inefficiencies by:  

  • Reducing errors and improving Turn Around Time through reduced QC handling requirements
  • Eliminating wasted QC material by up to 75 percent
  • Reducing QC storage by up to 80 percent to help reclaim your inventory space
  • Powering automation of reporting and analysing of QC results and Peer comparison

Important Features and Benefits

The challenge to elevate patient care while reducing operating costs and harmonising process, continues to drive innovation in the laboratory. Laboratory Quality Control (QC) is designed to detect, reduce, and correct deficiencies in a laboratory’s internal analytical process prior to the release of patient results, in order to improve the quality of the results reported by the laboratory. Technopath Clinical Diagnostics is responding with a customer focus to this important challenge in QC:

Your innovation partner

For Independent third party controls. Multichem® controls provide an unmatched level of IA and CC controls consolidation and are optimised for your system.

Human-based matrices

Human-based matrices provide patient-like performance to increase confidence in QC material results.

Targeted at clinical decision making points

Controls material targeted at clinical decision points helps improve clinicians’ confidence in the validity of test results. With value assignment for your system.

Industry’s most advanced QC software solutions

IAMQC Peer software provides transcription of QC results for greater efficiency and accuracy.

Accreditation/Regulatory compliance

Third party QC material facilitates meeting accreditation and regulatory guidelines, such as CLIA, CLSI, CAP and ISO.