Technopath Clinical Diagnostics

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Technopath Distribution Limited

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Research and Development

An innovator in quality control material and software for clinical laboratories

Technopath Clinical Diagnostics is a leader in the research, development and supply of quality control materials for the medical device diagnostics industry.

Our growing and talented R&D team is comprised of scientists with a wide range of specialist technical capabilities, significant qualifications and industry experience in the development of consolidated quality control fluids for use within the diagnostic industry. We recently completed the fit-out of our new research and development laboratory which will be home to our future development efforts.

We continuously invest in developing new products and improved processes to meet the evolving demands of the IVD market place and grow our business. With our expertise in test consolidation and analyte stabilisation, utilising proprietary stabilisation techniques, we are able to develop high quality human based matrices for our products and to facilitate an industry leading level of test consolidation providing real value to our customers.

New Product Launches

We have developed and launched a number of new products in recent times:

  • Multichem hsTn (high sensitive Troponin I & T) Control (2015) improved 2017
  • Multichem A1c (HbA1c) Control (2014) Multiple platforms 2017
  • I-PLAQ reagent, calibrator and control set (2017)
  • Multichem CSF (2016)
  • Multichem IA Speciality (2016)
  • Cardiac Control (RMED) (2016)
  • Multichem AE (Ammonia/Ethanol) Control (2015)
  • Multichem NB (Neonatal Bilirubin) Control (2014)

Product Development Pipeline

Our current development pipeline of new products includes:

  • D-Dimer
  • Tumour Marker
  • High Fertility
  • DAU (Drugs of Abuse) Control

IAMQC Software Platform

We believe that informatics will play a key role in the evolution of the clinical diagnostics market place. Through our IAMQC software and its capability to link with all major diagnostic equipment platforms we believe we can provide high value QC software solutions to the industry. We are investing significant resources to enhance this platform and expand our reach.