..."We are fully satisfied with the quality of results"...

“The great advantage to Technopath Barcoded QC vials is that they can be used directly on the instrument. The QC profiles have been pre-configured for each test on the instrument and dedicated QC racks containing the QC vials are kept in the fridge, ready to be launched directly. This greatly facilitates the processing of quality controls as and when needed. As the vials are ready to use, we experience significantly less handling which gives substantial time saving.

The level of test consolidation in Technopath QC greatly reduces waste, especially in immunoassay, where the sampling volume is much larger.

We are fully satisfied with the quality of results. The consolidation does not affect the CVs and the biases whatever the test parameter. We have convenient access to peer comparisons with a large number of peers all managed by the IAMQC software. Finally, the results of our EQAs, managed by our OCIL*, are very satisfactory.

Dr. M.Baynat. Medical Biologist, Lab QC Manager

INOVIE ⋅ LxBio, Rodez, France

This lab used competitor QC products before using Technopath QC (QC was run typically 7 days a week, 3 times a day.)

Chemistry: Reduced usage from 4 competitor products to 1 Technopath product - Multichem S Plus.

Immunoassay: Reduced usage from 3 competitor products to 1 Technopath product - Multichem IA Plus covering tumor markers, cardiac markers and hormones.

* OCIL: Organisateur de Comparaison Inter-Laboratoire (an InterLaboratory Comparison Organization in accordance with NF EN ISO/IEC 17043.

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